Action Research Center for Social Justice


The Center was established as part of a worldwide movement to promote the field of action research.  It addresses a wide range of topics of social-educational importance, using action research as a means to create collaborations between academics and the community to promote social change. 


The goals of the Center include:


  • Developing "learning collaborations" between the community and the college to deal with social issues and jointly build an applied knowledge base.
  • Promoting and supporting joint social initiatives and projects.
  • Developing and disseminating innovative systems, tools and ways of thinking that improve learning, research and quality of life in the community and the college.
  • Developing a network of activity that overcomes boundaries between groups, communities, professions, etc., which will expand the sphere of action and introduce new players from the community and academia, and integrate energies and resources.
The Center is managed by a Steering Committee comprising YVC faculty members and members of the community.