Communication Studies

About the Department

As one of the leading communication departments in Israel, we cover a broad spectrum of communications theory and practice. Students are exposed to theoretical models and up-to-date research methods in the field.

Working with faculty who bring a dynamic mix of international practice and academic research into the classroom, students acquire tools for critical thinking that enable them to understand, analyze and impact the world of communications. Our close ties to the field and the design of our B.A. in Communication Studies (taught in Hebrew) exposes students to various job opportunities and helps them build a strong professional network.

We are proud to host the annual Screen Breaker Television Festival. This day-long event presents panels of experts on the hottest topics in the field of television in Israel, ranging from news and current affairs to dramatic programs, talk shows, sports, politics, music, etc. The festival is planned and produced by students, and it brings students, celebrities and experts in the field of communications together from all over Israel.

International Collaboration

We invest significant energy and resources in establishing and maintaining ongoing academic dialogues with colleagues outside of Israel. These academic interactions keep professors and students abreast of new developments, expand their horizons of inquiry, and encourage collaborative research and applied projects.

In addition to engaging in dozens of ongoing collaborations in the United States and Europe, YVC is a partner in the IRIS project, a European Union initiative aimed at fostering stronger ties between Israeli academic colleges and European academic institutions.

We welcome international researchers, professors and institutions to collaborate with us on a wide range of research projects and conferences. Please get in touch with questions about how we might work together.


The Communication Studies Center includes a professional-level television studio and control rooms, as well as advanced AVID and PREMIER editing rooms and smart classrooms. The Center also offers students and researchers the chance to work with advanced news and documentary production equipment.

The Kol Yizra’el student radio station is the liveliest place on campus. The commercial-free station broadcasts around the clock, hosts well-known artists and is also committed to promoting new talents. We also air programs in conjunction with the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s national radio network, Kol Israel, and the official radio station of the Israeli army, Galei Zahal.

Research Highlights

Advertising: Brand management and commercial production
Digital Innovation: Website design and construction, digital marketing, eCommerce, Photoshop and interactive animation tools
Marketing, Public Relations and Spokesmanship: Designing marketing strategies and management of political campaigns
Video: News production, editing and scheduling; production of trailers and video clips; video editing; and script writing
Radio: Managing live radio broadcasts and music
Journalism: Conducting field research for journalistic stories

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