About the Department

Our faculty deliver knowledge, tools and skills related to a variety of perspectives on social deviance, focusing on prevention, punishment and rehabilitation.

Our study program is part of a double major, so criminology faculty work closely with the Departments of Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Education, Political Science and Social Sciences. The department’s faculty consists of the top researchers in the field of criminology in Israel, as well as experts in the fields of psychology and law.

Students who complete the program earn a B.A. in Criminology and a second major of their choice.

International Collaboration

YVC and its Department of Criminology invest significant energy and resources in establishing and maintaining ongoing academic dialogues with colleagues outside of Israel. These academic interactions keep professors and students abreast of new developments, expand their horizons of inquiry, and encourage collaborative research and applied projects.

In addition to engaging in dozens of ongoing collaborations in the United States and Europe, YVC is a partner in the IRIS project, a European Union initiative aimed at fostering stronger ties between Israeli academic colleges and European academic institutions.

Department Head

Department Head: Prof. Yassour-borocho Dalit
Student Advisor: Dr. Irit Ein-Tal

Research Highlights

Psychology: Psychopathology, social deviance and victimology
Penology: Criminal law, law enforcement agencies and rehabilitation
Sociology: White collar crimes; violent crimes; gender and crime; sexual crimes; juvenile delinquency; and deviance, drugs and addiction in society

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