Information Systems

About the Department

Information systems are fundamental to the effective functioning of most organizations – and much of our daily lives. Through teaching and research, we advance knowledge in the field and address the growing demand for skilled IT personnel and solutions. We focus on technological entrepreneurship and using technology to advance societal goals.

We train graduates who are skilled in technical programming, have a thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles of IT, and also understand organizations and the integration of IT within them. Information systems development goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship in the start-up nation of Israel, so our program also focuses on business and entrepreneurialism.

Students who complete the program earn a B.A. in Management Information Systems.

International Collaboration

YVC and its Department of Management Information Systems invest significant energy and resources in establishing and maintaining ongoing academic dialogues with colleagues outside of Israel. These academic interactions keep professors and students abreast of new developments, expand their horizons of inquiry, and encourage collaborative research and applied projects.

In addition to engaging in dozens of ongoing collaborations in the United States and Europe, YVC is a partner in the IRIS project, a European Union initiative aimed at fostering stronger ties between Israeli academic colleges and European academic institutions.

Department Head

Department Head: Prof. Opher Etzion
Student Advisor: Dr. Rami Rashkovits

Research Highlights

ICT: System analysis, design, programming, technical support, quality assurance, data analysis, project management and internet and mobile technology
Business and Entrepreneurship: Organizational behavior, business analytics, communications, economics, the human aspect of IT and decision-making theories

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