Sociology and Anthropology

About the Department

In today’s global world, it is essential that professionals in a range of industries understand organizations, societies and the challenges of multiculturalism. Our faculty teach and research in a broad range of areas within the social sciences and apply our work to both theoretical and practical advancements in organizational and cross-cultural management.

Students who complete the program earn a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology and a second major of their choice. Qualified students can enter our direct-track M.A. in Organizational Development and Consulting.

International Collaboration

YVC and its Department of Sociology and Anthropology invest significant energy and resources in establishing and maintaining ongoing academic dialogues with colleagues outside of Israel. These academic interactions keep professors and students abreast of new developments, expand their horizons of inquiry, and encourage collaborative research and applied projects.

In addition to engaging in dozens of ongoing collaborations in the United States and Europe, YVC is a partner in the IRIS project, a European Union initiative aimed at fostering stronger ties between Israeli academic colleges and European academic institutions.

Department Head

Department Head: : Dr. Moshe Sharabi

Research Highlights

Human Resources Management and Cross-Cultural Management: Theoretical and applied research on how the multiple dimensions of HR influence organizations and companies
Developing and Managing Social Networks: Political, economic and social influences at play when organizations use social networks for marketing, PR and recruitment
Market Surveys and Public Opinion Research: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of social trends and changes
Applied Anthropological Studies: Theoretical research recognizing trends and customer needs that are the foundations for social marketing, project estimates, business anthropology and policy making
Organizational Development and Consulting: Theoretical and applied research in organizational development and diversity management in complex societies

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