B.A. with the Goren School of Visual Communication




Goren Manager:
Avi Barkav

Department Head:
Karin Greenberg


The world of advertising and marketing is changing rapidly.

Conveying the exact message to the public and motivating action have become a real art, especially in recent years, with the advancement of technologies in the field of communication and message delivery systems. Goren School of Visual Communication operates within this reality. The school trains students in the field of Visual Communication, with different and varied abilities and brings them to become academics who will influence the visual space in which we live in Israel.

Undergraduate program description

The study program in Visual communication at the Goren School lasts four years, during which the students are exposed to theoretical and practical aspects of the studied content. The curriculum provides skills in the design professions and a broad understanding in the field of visual and interactive communication. The studies include workshops and courses at a high professional level that prepare and train the students for integration into the industry upon graduation.


Among the subjects studied: branding, interactive, typography, photography, illustration, characterization and user experience design UI/UX and contacting industry officials in the last year of studies.


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Name: Avi Barkav

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