Diversity, Equity and Inclusion




YVC is proud of the diversity of its student body, faculty and staff, and has taken steps over the years to promote cooperation, mutual understanding and intercultural competence. Aware that diversity is a key to excellence, the college aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills required to integrate into today’s diverse and complex work environment.

Several college offices are directly involved in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion on campus:

Israeli Hope in Academia
Moran Bar-Tal
+972 4 642-3599


Office for the Advancement of Arab Students
Assam Salah
+972 4 642-3468


Office for the Advancement of Ethiopian Students
Mayan Edelstein
+972 4 642-3682


Office for the Advancement of New Immigrants
Mayan Edelstein
+972 4 642-3682


Gender Equity

Gender equity is a principal value at YVC and its pursuit is a matter of utmost importance. The college takes active steps to ensure fair gender representation within the faculty and staff, the academic bodies, the leadership backbone and the key centers of decision-making. Gender equity is one of the ways to achieve academic excellence and confront social and cultural challenges in order to create a community that celebrates equality, diversity, tolerance and mutual respect. It constitutes an additional step in the recognition and inclusion of the social and cultural diversity that characterizes the college’s geographical, cultural and social environment. Only on this foundation can the faculty and staff members realize their academic, professional and individual potential, so critical in maintaining a high level of research, meticulous attention to teaching and a warm personal connection with their students.

Policies regarding gender equity are coordinated by the President’s Advisor on Gender Equity:

Prof. Ilana Lavi: ilanal@yvc.ac.il