The Center for Pre-Academic Studies

The center offers preparatory programs for applicants who do not meet the admission requirements or who wish to improve their grades in order to enter programs of higher learning.

The center helps students develop the tools and methods needed to succeed in academic studies. It also provides a second chance for mature applicants who did not complete their high school matriculation and now strive to acquire an academic education. Successful completion enables students to gain college admission on the basis of their preparatory program grades. Thousands of graduates have gone on to pursue degree studies and excel in their academic and professional careers.



The center runs several programs:

Preparatory Program for Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Prepares students for academic studies at YVC
  • Admission to degree studies is based solely on the grades in the program
  • Full-time program over 9 months (fall session) or 7 months (spring session)

30+ Preparatory Program

  • Designed for students aged 30 and above who do not meet admission requirements
  • Adapted to the needs of employed individuals
  • Separate morning and evening study tracks
  • Fall, spring and summer sessions

Academic Horizon

  • Head start program for applicants who do not meet the entrance requirements of the Preparatory Program
  • Fall, spring and summer sessions

Pre-academic Courses

  • Hebrew Language – beginning and advanced levels
  • Mathematics – meets the prerequisite requirements for the departments of Information Systems and Economics & Management

Ms. Hadas Bar-On