News and Events

Delegation from KSH München – November 2022

The departments of Social Work and Criminology hosted a group of colleagues and students in the field of Social Work from KSH München (Katholische Stiftungshochschule München – University of Applied Sciences Munich) to explore the theme “A Moral and Meaningful Life in the Post-Auschwitz Era,” in the context of multiple narratives and conflicts.

Iftar – Fast-Breaking Meal during the Ramadan – April 2023

To celebrate the traditional daily suspension of the month-long Ramadan fast and to introduce this Muslim tradition to YVC’s entire student body, the Office for the Advancement of Arab Students together with the Student Union held a festive Iftar banquet, attended by students, faculty and staff from all of the diverse communities represented at the college.

“Basics of Su-Jok Therapy” in the Department of Continuing Education – June 2023

The course teaches participants about this special Korean healing method, which is based on the application of pressure to key points of the hand (Su) and foot (Jok), and the attachment of certain seeds or the burning of moxa (dried mugwort) at these positions.

Student Day – Green in the Valley Festival - – June 2023

The Student Day event, organized by the Student Union, filled YVC to capacity as thousands of students came together to hear Israel’s top artists, Noa Kirel, Ravid Plotnik, Pe’er Tasi, Eyad Tannous, TOX1C and Raviv Kaner, and dance the night away.