B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology






Department Head:
Dr. Michal Man



Undergraduate program description

connect your studies to life itself and provide a different perspective on life?
Employment success in the global era and in general requires an understanding of the changes in the social and organization world, with an emphasis on current issues, as well as knowledge and skills for managing organizational and social changes in a multicultural and diverse environment and in a global reality.
The study program combines understanding and development of business and social entrepreneurship skills, knowledge in organization and management and in driving organizational and social change, and acquaintance with social diversity: cultures, gender and inter-generational differences. The program combines theoretical and experiential learning.
Studies are conducted in a dual-department framework, and can be combined with studies in one of the following departments: Psychology, Criminology, Education, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.
Combining Sociology studies with an additional department expands students’ knowledge foundation and provides additional tools for integration into the job market.


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