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Department Head:
Hedva Vinarski-Peretz, PhD


Political science is the systematic study of governance by the application of empirical and scientific methods of analysis. As traditionally understood, political science investigates the state and its organs, key players and institutions. The contemporary discipline is viewed more broadly and encompasses studies of all the societal, cultural, economic and psychological factors that mutually influence and shape the operation of government and the body politic. Currently, the department’s faculty and research encompass an array of political phenomena, including institutions, governance, policy, theory, and behavior. The curriculum focuses on the subject of Israeli politics and government by integrating current research through a global and interdisciplinary perspective.

Program Description

Are you interested in current affairs and news but dissatisfied with the selective information that the media chooses to report? Do you understand that there must be a change and it has to come from within?
The government mechanisms that surround us and the systems that function around us, all have a vital impact on our way of life. A Political Science degree will enable you to understand these systems and the forces behind them, the balance of powers and the way in which issues reach the public agenda. It also offers a significant springboard for desirable positions in the public and private sectors.
Studies towards a degree in Political Science are offered in the framework of a double major which provides an advantage in the job market. Studies in an additional discipline expand students’ knowledge and enable them to pursue an advanced degree in a wide range of fields.


Israeli Politics
Comparative Politics
Political Behavior
International Relations
Political Philosophy and Its History
Political Methodology/Formal Theory
Public Policy, Injustices in public policy
Public Management and Public Administration
Local Government
Intellectual history
Law and Regulation


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Ms. Yarden Yona

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