In the community

YVC in the Community

yvc has initiated a wide range of academic and extracurricular outreach programs, which has made it a vital resource for citizens of all ages living in the Yezreel Valley and its environs.

Field work programs in study tracks including Human Services, Nursing, Social Work, and more, bring student’s energies, talents and skills to the region’s schools, youth groups, social services and other community organizations.

YVC students are active participants in the national mentoring program, and provide compelling, positive role models for schoolchildren in the region. The “YoIMG-20160315-WA0010ungsters in Science” program sponsored by the Psychobiology Research Center brings elementary and high school children to the Center and introduces them to the exciting world of scientific research.

The Unit for Social Involvement

At YVC Unit for Social Involvement , students learn the value of, and gain the satisfaction from, giving their time for volunteer community activities, including helping youth and children, celebrating holidays in institutional settings for the elderly and severely handicapped young adults, organizing art activities for Jews’ Arabs and Christians, and more.

Furthermore, YVC is an important resource for educational and community building activities beyond the academic scope. Programs such as “Vatikei HaEmek” (Seniors from the Valley), provide weekly courses on a wide variety of topics to senior citizens from the region, many of whom were surviving WWII and building the agricultural settlements of the Yezreel Valley at an age when most young people are in college.

Student Empowerment

The population served by YVC is distinguished both by its diversity – encompassing virtually the entire spectrum of Israeli Jewish and Arab society – and by its pressing desire for academic education.

Join YVC as it steps forward to meet this demand, to fulfill its role as a driver of social and economic growth for the individual, region and nation

Empowering Arab-Israeli Students
YVC is developing a program to identify Arab-Israeli students – particularly women – and give them the training to help them find work in the high-tech industry. Increasing the number of Arab women in this well-paying industry will strengthen Israel’s economy, raise the standard of living in the Arab sector, improve the status of Arab women, and help increase tolerance and understanding between the Arab and Jewish communities.

A gift of $3,000 will provide an annual scholarship for one student.

Scholarship Endowment

Scholarships towards higher education enable talented and motivated, but economically challenged young people break out of the cycle of poverty and achieve upward social mobility.

Establishing a scholarship fund will significantly extend YVC’s capacity to empower eligible students, and catalyze meaningful and impactful social change.

A scholarship endowment of $1 million will be equally matched by YVC to create a Scholarship Endowment Fund that will provide students scholarships, annually.

Adopt a Student

In Israel and abroad, a growing number of supporters are realizing their potential to change a life, a community and Israeli society. By “adopting” a student, you can cover the tuition fees for a qualified but economically challenged individual. With this critical support, you will enable your adopted student(s) to concentrate on their studies, successfully secure their academic degree, and break out of the cycle of poverty, to become contributing members and leaders in Israeli society.

A gift of $3,000/year over three years supports one student through the completion of a BA degree.

Opportunity for Success

Israelis of Ethiopian descent have faced significant challenges integrating into Israeli society. Recognizing the need for nurses in the Israeli health care system, YVC recruits appropriate Ethiopian-Israeli candidates for our top-rated nursing program and offers a comprehensive package of tools and support enabling them to complete the program as a step towards employment and upward mobility. The program helps participants overcome barriers to higher education success through a combination of academic, financial and social support. Degree in hand, they are then prepared with the education and training to secure meaningful employment and make a difference for themselves, their communities, and Israel.

A gift of $10,000 will support one Ethiopian-Israeli nursing student for one year.

Single Mothers Program
The challenges facing a single mother living at the periphery of Israeli society are daunting. With limited economic opportunities and the burden of raising children alone, there is cause for concern about the future for the mother and her children. While they may be motivated to improve their lives, they often lack the necessary financial and emotional resources to do so. YVC is committed to helping extricate motivated single mothers out of the cycle of poverty.

The Empowering Single Mothers program at YVC was created to offer a life-transforming opportunity to motivated single mothers. Through a combined initiative of YVC and the Rashi Foundation, this program provides the full range of assistance needed to enable single parents to successfully complete an academic degree. In light of the program’s success, YVC is seeking partners who will enable it to sustain and expand this important and influential project.