The Center for Psychobiological Research and Instruction

This advanced research center combines basic as well as clinical research on several topics: schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, post trauma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), developmental disorders, sleeping disorders, drug addiction and more. The center, the first of its kind in Israel, has advanced research equipment, which allows outstanding students to carry out experiments on a wide range of subjects, including memory and learning processes, sleep, emotional processes and psychiatric and medical disorders. The center draws researchers from across Israel and abroad.

The variety of researchers and research methods at the center enables students from different fields to engage in meaningful research that focuses on questions that can be examined through human studies (including the use of recorded observation of diverse human interactions), and the study of brain processes while performing various tasks, using advanced EEG devices.

Through the cutting-edge sleep laboratory, it is possible to examine various sleep patterns and disorders.

There is also a basic research path that allows for a wide range of behavioral studies in areas such as learning and memory, attention, social behavior, and emotional functioning, in addition to the physiological and biological research of the mechanisms underlying the phenomena under investigation.

The center is open to students and researchers on campus, members of leading research institutions in Israel and abroad, personnel from medical institutions in the region, and even local youth, with the aim of contributing to the community.

The center aspires to:

  • Promote innovation in the study of mental illnesses and sleep disorders.
  • Collaborate with local medical institutions.
  • Expose students to advanced preclinical and clinical research.
  • Integrate the community into the various stages of research activity.
  • Establish a strong foundation for applied research.


Heads of the Center
Prof. Iris Haimov

Prof. Orna Chishinski