The Interdisciplinary Center for Gerontology Research

Through extensive collaborations and partnerships in Israel and abroad, the International Center for Gerontology Research conducts groundbreaking research across various disciplines, exploring critical aspects of aging, health, and wellbeing.  The center’s researchers, affiliated with various departments at YVC, have succeeded in winning a considerable number of research grants, both domestic and international.

The center’s main objectives include promoting research and development, as well as disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of intergenerational relationships, the role of the elderly within the family, support systems for disabled senior citizens, economic and financial challenges of the elderly population, and the health challenges faced by seniors and their families.

The importance of the center lies in the aging of the population due to the rapid growth of the 65+ age group, fundamental changes in family structure, societal, economic, and technological changes, as well as changes in patterns of retirement and demand for services. These changes impact the quality of life for the older population and pose challenges to intergenerational family dynamics, the status of the elderly, their physical and mental health, and the overall quality of their life. Addressing these changes requires a new look at social integration and policy development, and necessitates a renewed focus on service systems for the elderly and their families, with an emphasis on welfare and healthcare services.

The 21st century presents several challenges related to aging in both developed and developing societies. Israel’s position is unique due to its relatively youthful status: the 65+ age group constitutes about 10% of the general population, and the 75+ (“very old”) age group accounts for approximately 42% of the 65+ population. Nevertheless, since 1955, the elderly population in the country has grown at twice the rate of the overall population.

Hence, it is important to expand research and theoretical knowledge, create models, and develop programs based on applied research – all as a basis for social policy. This requires the integration of relevant disciplines that focus on the individual, familial, social, cultural, economic, political and environmental aspects of the subject. The aim of the Interdisciplinary Center for Gerontology Research is to develop theory and research which can then be applied as a service to the community, thus facilitating a synergistic understanding of the subject.

Head of the Center
Prof. Aviad Tur-Sinai

Founders of the Center
Prof. Ariella Levenstein
Prof. Ruth Katz