The Jane Goodall Institute Israel (‏JGI Israel)

The research interests of the Jane Goodall Institute Israel (JGI Israel) encompass a diverse array of topics related to wildlife conservation, human-wildlife interactions, and environmental sustainability. Drawing upon anthropological perspectives, JGI Israel delves into understanding the intricate dynamics between local communities and wildlife, exploring cultural beliefs and practices that influence conservation efforts. Their research endeavors aim to identify the drivers of wildlife endangerment and habitat degradation, gathering crucial data to inform targeted conservation strategies. JGI Israel is also actively engaged in studying the behavior, ecology, and population dynamics of endangered species in the region, contributing valuable insights to the broader scientific community. Additionally, the institute investigates the impact of climate change and human activities on Israel’s ecosystems, seeking innovative approaches to mitigate these threats. By combining scientific research with an anthropological lens, JGI Israel’s multifaceted research interests serve as a foundation for evidence-based conservation efforts, community empowerment, and the promotion of sustainable practices to safeguard Israel’s unique biodiversity for generations to come.

Directors of the Center
Dr. Itai Roffman

Prof. Yonathan Mizrachi