Faculty Staff B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

Efrat Barel Stress, Psychoneuroendocrinology efratb@yvc.ac.il
Dr. Lubna Tannous-HaddadP sychological wellbeing from a cross-cultural perspective lubnah@yvc.ac.il
Dr. Orit Shamir Balderman (Phd) Organizational sociology – Passion at work,
Work-family conflict,
HR practices
State-trait anxiety,
Working from home 
Dr. Michal Alon-Tirosh Social Psychology
Children and Media (special interest in children and news, and parent-child
interactions while using media)
Media psychology
Children’s Social and Political Socialization.
Nurse education 
Dr. Ohad Marcus  

Coping with stress and trauma (and divorce, learning disability, infertility):
Personality (Self-Esteem and Sense of Coherence), cognitive (Self-Blame), social
(Social-Support and couple-support), cultural (Jews and Arabs) and demographic
Pregnancy, sexuality and sex education: Personality, demographic and cultural differences
Hospitals: The organizational structure of them, doctor-nurse relationship, and violence
toward the medical stuff
Social psychology
Quantitative research


Dr. Alon Raz positive psycholgy
mindfulness & meditation
integrative psychtherpay (mind body mindfulness)
narrative psychology 
Prof. Haimov Iris Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Circadian clock i_haimov@yvc.ac.il
Dr. Sivan Raz Physiological psychology, Neuroscience, EEG-ERP laboratory
Correlations between neural activity and cognitive, behavioral,
physiological and endocrine function in
various clinical and healthy populations (e.g. ADHD, PTSD,
thalassemia and sickle cell anemia patients, pregnant women). 
Dr. Orly Tsarfaty Gender and feminism
Communication in ultra-orthodox society; The Israeli society ; communication and protest 
Dr. Michal Shamir Management, conservation and sharing knowledge and information
third sector organization
Action Research infrasructure organization knowledge/power
State-trait anxiety,
Work-family conflict,
single mother by choice