B.A. in Behavioral Sciences




Department Head:
Dr. Lubna Tannous-Haddad


This interdisciplinary program provides a wide variety of courses and offers students the opportunity to understand the factors that influence behavior, including education, the social environment, family, and psychology how these, in turn, impact society.

Program Description

The program in the Behavioral Sciences Department provides a broad academic education in several fields: Psychology, Education, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology, with the aim of preparing students for graduate studies in a range of fields, including: Psychology, Organizational Consulting, Educational Counseling and Criminology. Apart from the broad exposure to the various disciplines, the program also provides students with professional knowledge and practical experience. Each student can choose one of the following areas of expertise: coaching, mindfulness, or cinematherapy.


The department’s faculty conducts research in various areas of Behavioral Science, including social psychology, media psychology, sleep, psychoneuroendocrinology, stress and trauma, organizational learning, multiculturalism, and other relevant areas.


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Department Contact Information

Ms. Kesem Peretz

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