B.A. in Health Systems Management

Department Head:
Dr. Gila Yakov


Management and leadership in the health system must contend with the substantial changes that have taken place in health systems in Israel and around the world in recent years. These include increased life expectancy and its effect on the growing needs of the health system, technological developments and advanced instrumentation and their impact on the nature of treatment, the need to develop and manage databases and their access to customers, caregivers and managers in health organizations, the growing importance of patient rights in legislation and practice, and media impact on medical conduct. All of these issues are generating a new array of approaches and professional tools which should be placed at the disposal of health system managers.


The department’s faculty conducts research in various fields related to health and health systems. This includes decision-making in health, health economics, public health, health promotion, health management, and other relevant areas.


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Undergraduate program description

The program combines professional knowledge in management with broad knowledge of health systems in Israel and around the world. Studies provide students with tools for developing management and professional skills and a broad perspective of the health system and its various needs. The program offers a foundation for understanding the structure of the health system and its ramifications on population health and on the work life of health professionals.

The degree study program has a practical focus. Students are exposed to the practical aspects of everyday work in health system management, and receive tools for developing a management perspective along with in-depth acquaintance with the health system in Israel. Students also acquire data-based management and critical thinking skills.

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