B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Department Head:
Dr. Ruth Amir


In the 21st century global and multicultural reality, multidisciplinary education is a vital and required need in large companies and organizations – enabling use of a combination of analysis tools and insights from diverse fields and providing tools for understanding reality in a changing environment. The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences study program is intended for students who do not want to specialize in one focused field and are looking for a broad, interesting and diverse academic degree.

Undergraduate program description

Studies in the department are in a single or dual-department framework and suited for working individuals.
In the single-department track the study program in the department is modular and comprised of four divisions: Cyber, Culture, Criminology and Education.
In the dual-department track, the combination of studies in a different discipline in a university framework expands student’s knowledge foundations and enables continued studies towards advanced degrees in a wide range of fields.
Studies in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences department are in the scope of 60 credits and are comprised of three study divisions. The divisions offered in the dual-department study program are Law, Criminology and Middle Eastern Studies.


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Klara Yassour

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