B.A. in Nursing






Department Head:
Dr. Ofra Halperin



The Nursing Department program is designed to train graduates to function in the complex and changing environments of the health and social welfare systems which are characterized by constant changes. The studies provide knowledge and skills in scientific thinking and clinical care, emotional-personal and interpersonal development, and a professional and unique worldview, reflected in promoting health in the community and in the hospital setting.

Undergraduate program description

The study program in Nursing aims to develop high level abilities of nurses with an academic degree to provide nursing care based on clinical, critical, and ethical thinking and to take social responsibility.
The program trains students to function in the complex and changing settings of the health and social services systems which are characterized by constant change. The department is also committed to realizing the professional potential of nursing and to partnering in research to develop new and quality knowledge in nursing and the health science.

Program studies provide knowledge about scientific thinking and research, clinical knowledge, treatment skills, and a professional and unique outlook that will be realized in advancing health in the community and in the hospitalization setting.


The department’s faculty conducts research in various fields such as Nursing education; Health promotion; Nursing practice; Simulation teaching; Nursing Ethics; Various clinical areas in nursing.


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Department Contact Information

Name: Yael Tedri

Additional Offices and Activities

Beyond the theoretical-academic studies, the department has two important units:

  1. The clinical unit where the staff works and accompanies the students in the various clinical experiences.
  2. The simulation center, built as a department in the hospital, where students are trained for nursing practice (professional skills and interpersonal communication) under laboratory conditions with advanced equipment and a team of professional and skilled instructors.


Department News

We Publish a Nursing Department bulletin once a year which reflects what is happening in the department in the field of research by the faculty members, work in the clinical field, and various activities of the faculty and students.
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