M.A. in Community Gerontology






Department Head:
Dafna Halperin, PhD



Longer life expectancy has resulted in the division of old age and retirement period into two different periods: the third age which is characterized by functional independence, and the fourth age with the individual’s increased dependence and limitations. The period of life after retirement is growing longer and poses challenges for the individual, their family, and the community. In the aim of achieving successful aging, while maintaining independence, realizing abilities, continuing personal development, and finding meaning in life after retirement, there is a need for skilled professionals and caregivers in the community. These individuals will have the ability to develop and head community services and projects and will be able to provide professional counseling based on a broad holistic perspective.

Program Description*

Students will acquire broad skills and knowledge, both theoretical and applied, which will enable them to integrate into community services, pursue researchand contribute to the quality of life of the elderly and their families.
The courses in the program cover various aspects related to bio-psycho-social aspects of ageing, community services, relevant legislation and policy, counselling and mediation skills, serviceprogram development and management, field practicum, etc.

* Award of the degree is contingent on approval of the Council for Higher Education


The department’s faculty conducts research in various fields related to gerontologyincluding social and psychological aspects of ageing, retirement, family caregiving, and the professional staff of caregiving organizations


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Ms. Ilana Maor

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