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Ronit Shalev, PhD



“What does a child need? A place to grow taller and an adult to help him with the ceiling.”
Idit Barak

What does a child need? A significant adult who can notice him within the educational framework, replete with its personal, social and academic challenges. An adult who can provide a safe space. An adult who can see the student as an individual as well as a member of his class and school. One who will support the student’s connections with his peer group, his home and the teaching staff at his school. If you see yourself as such an adult and are interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge and professional skills, the Master’s degree in Educational Counselling is for you.

Graduate program description

The M.A. program in Educational Counseling at Yezreel Valley College aims to train educational counselors for the relevant educational counseling fields, and to provide up-to-date knowledge in treatment skills and in evaluation and research methods. Studies enable students to gain knowledge-based experience with children, adolescents and young adults in schools and additional frameworks. The program’s main specialization is educational counseling in school, however we aim to expand beyond this field and to train students in counseling for adults, and in family counseling, occupational counseling and other areas.

The program introduces students to the most recent developments in the relevant areas for educational counseling: individual counseling, family counseling, group facilitation and system counseling. Students will also acquire knowledge and skills in a range of areas in which educational counselors engage, including: integration of children with special needs, learning disabilities, collaboration between teachers and parents, counseling and fostering at-risk children and youth, counseling in stress and crisis situations, adolescent counseling and online counseling. The program also provides knowledge and develops skills in research and evaluation methods.

Direct track to an M.A. in Educational Counseling

B.A. studies in the Education Department, mainly in the framework of the specializations in Educational Counseling and in Special Education, provide an excellent foundation for M.A. studies in Educational Counseling.
A practicum in schools and different types of educational frameworks, as well as exposure to treatment skills and to psychological aspects, prepare students for the M.A. studies program.
The direct track is designed for students studying in the Education Department in combination with an additional department.
Students can complete their studies and receive both a B.A. and an M.A. in 4 years.


The department is involved in research in areas related to educational advising and consulting with children and adolescents. These include: family and cultural patterns and their connection with mental and physical health, relations within the family, work and family, domestic violence, grieving and bereavement, crisis and stress, the experience of being an orphan in school, the emotional, behavioral, medical and cognitive ramifications of internet use by children and youngsters, AI in mental health, AI and advanced technology in psychological counseling and therapy, contemporary parenting, parental communication with children, childhood and school, childhood environments, parenting, relationships, communication, self-regulation and many additional subjects.


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