M.A. in Nursing Leadership

Department Head:
Prof. Hanna Admi, PhD



The goal of the program is help nurses develop the managerial skills that will enable them to lead positive change at points-of-care within the healthcare system.
The program consists of three clusters: clinical, academic, and leadership. Graduates receive a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Nursing, with a specialization in “Clinical Nursing Leadership” which facilitates their promotion to managerial or advanced nursing positions.

Program Description

In order to provide high-quality health care suited to the needs of the Israeli population in community and hospital settings, there is a need for nurses with advanced clinical and management leadership skills. The M.A. program in Nursing with a specialization in “Clinical Nursing Leadership” aims to develop  leadership skills at the point-of-care across the health care system. The goal of the program is to train graduates who will take positions of clinical and administrative leadership in various health care centers, apply principles of excellence in providing evidence-based quality care to individuals, groups, and communities; view their work through a system-wide perspective; and initiate organizational changes while collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams in order to improve processes and treatment outcomes. As leaders, it is expected that they will take personal responsibility for their professional development, and for cultivating their team and the nursing profession in general.

The degree is intended for nurses with a B.A. degree working in the various health system frameworks in Israel who seek to expand their clinical or management options in the nursing profession.


Field of Research Research Subjects
Clinical 1. Coping with chronic illness
2. Palliative care (End of life support)
3. Continuity of care
Nursing Leadership and Management 1. Leadership and management
2. Nursing roles
3. Stress among nurses
4. Disaster and epidemics/pandemic management
Education 1. Stress among nursing students
2. Health promotion among college employees
3. Nursing students’ resilience


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Ms. Yael Tadri

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