M.A. in Organizational Development and Consulting

Department Head:
Dr. Aviv Kidron


The A.M. Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Development and Consulting focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of the field, which also includes management and development of organizations and human resources management in organizations.
– The uniqueness of the program is the use of leading practical and research tools necessary for management work and organizational consulting, and experience in organizational development and consulting processes in the field, accompanied by personal academic and professional guidance.
– The faculty of the program includes researchers specializing in the field of management and organizational behavior, as well as organizational consultants with rich practical experience.
– The study in the program takes place in two tracks of the student’s choice: one, an applied track/without thesis; second, a thesis/research track.


Graduate program description

The program is designed to provide its graduates with the following abilities and skills: Knowledge of a variety of research methods and tools for conducting a diagnosis of the organization and its environment; Training for consulting and leading systemic processes in the organization; Knowledge and skills for planning and implementing interventions in the organization; Knowledge and skills for developing and cultivating human capital in the organization.

The program combines theoretical scientific thinking with developing managerial skills that include managing and implementing organizational change and development processes. The program emphasizes the systemic approach, which is based on understanding all the factors involved in the organizational system and the community in which the organization is located.

As well, Yezreel Valley College is one of the few institutions in Israel that offer a direct track to M.A. studies in one of the most interesting and in-demand professions in the job market: an M.A. in Organizational Development and Consulting. B.A. studies in Sociology and Anthropology, which deal in the complexity of organizations, culture and humans, are an excellent foundation for M.A. studies in Organizational Development and Consulting. The direct track is for students studying in the Sociology and Anthropology Department in combination with an additional department. Students can complete their studies and receive a B.A. and an M.A. within 4 years.


  • Change management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Management and leadership
  • The new world of work


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Department Contact Information

Sivan Weizman

Additional Offices and Activities

  • Each year, a conference is held to address current issues in consulting and organizational development. The conference is attended by leading experts in the field.
  • During the program, students will experience consulting processes in workshop-based courses. The workshops are designed to combine theoretical and experiential learning.
  • In the second academic year of the program, students will experience practical work in the organization in all phases of organizational diagnosis and consulting.

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