B.S.C. in Information Systems






Department Head (Acting):
Mr. Avi Zakai


In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, the role played by information systems has evolved into a pivotal force driving progress and innovation. At the core of this technological revolution lies the multifaceted profession of information systems – a field dedicated to designing, developing, implementing, and managing technology-based solutions that streamline operations, empower decision-making, and enhance user experiences. Professionals in this field analyze the organizational needs, assess existing systems and develop innovative solutions. They are crucial in bridging the gap between business objectives and technology. Additionally, data science has become an integral part of the information systems profession, with professionals utilizing advanced techniques to extract valuable insights from large datasets, enabling data driven decision making and predictive modeling for businesses. Information systems professionals may specialize in areas such as software development, data science, database management, cybersecurity and network administration.

Undergraduate program description

Information technologies are currently found in all areas of life and are applied in various computing platforms. As such, the information technology professions are some of the most lucrative and information technology professionals are in high demand.

In the new digital world we collect large and unprecedented amounts of personal, business and national data. This huge magnitude of data holds great potential for technological progress, but also no small measure of challenges: data storage, protecting data from cyberattacks, data processing and data analysis.

The Information Systems Department at Yezreel Valley College prepares students for employment in these revolutionary times, as well as for advanced degree studies. The study program offers a wide range of courses, including information system characterization and development, computer science, data science and cyber. Department graduates integrate into the industry in an array of positions.


The department’s faculty conducts research in various fields related to information systems, software development and data science. This includes artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, analysis of social networks, and text analysis.


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Department Contact Information
Name: Galia Zino

Additional Offices and Activities

In addition to academic excellence, practical experience is a vital aspect of our program. Our students benefit from unique opportunities to engage in special projects that enhance their real-world readiness and industry exposure.

The “Final Project” serves as a culminating endeavor, where students demonstrate their prowess by developing sophisticated software systems or information management solutions. With a keen focus on IoT, computer vision, and deep learning, these projects showcase our students’ innovative problem-solving capabilities.

Moreover, our students can immerse themselves in the professional world through the “Practicum Project”, a prestigious collaboration with renowned technology and commercial companies. During this immersive experience, our students gain invaluable insights into various roles and responsibilities within information systems, further honing their skills and professional acumen.


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