Being part of a global world, we aim to implement internationalization of the College by concentrating in two domains: research, mainly applied and education and training, stressing the interface between these arenas by means of on-going evaluations. In the research domain we attempt to strengthen existing partnerships of YVC academic staff and expand networks and collaborations with other academic institutions (including the partners in IRIS project) in Israel and in Europe.
This would be accomplished by developing collaborative research teams engaged in: joint research, submission of research proposals, establishing international training and research centers, organization of professional international conferences and seminars, preparation of joint publications and various community projects.

The Research Authority

The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College Research Authority

The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College’s extensive research programs are promoted, encouraged, and supported by the Research Authority, which serves as the College’s administrative and financial framework for such efforts.

The Research Authority Senior Staff

Prof. Shosh Shaharabani – Chair of the Research Authority –
Dr. Mickey Rappaport-Rom – Director of the Research Authority –
Ms. Ruthie Hillman-Shalev – Research and Budget Coordinator –

Activities of the Research Authority

  • Identifies potential funding sources in Israel and abroad to support research by YVC researchers
  • Gathers and organizes information on funding sources which it then disseminates to YVC researchers
  • Provides assistance to YVC researchers seeking to submit research proposals to external funding sources
  • Offers incentives to researchers to submit proposals
  • Manages and provides logistical support to further research needs
  • Oversees contracts and financial research budgets funded by internal and external sources
  • Develops partnerships with various institutions, scientists, and officials to promote wide-ranging research collaborations
  • Monitors the activities of YVC research centers and institutes
  • Represents YVC to potential funding institutes in order to promote the research efforts of college staff

Research Centers

YVC is home to six cutting-edge research centers and institutes, all of which are leaders in their field:

  1. The International Center for Gerontology and Geriatrics, headed by Prof. Ruth Kats
  2. The Center for Psychobiological Research, headed by Prof. Iris Haimov and Prof. Orna Chishinski
  3. The Action Research Center for Social Justice, headed by Dr. Gila Amitay
  4. The Center for Diversity Management and Mediation Research, headed by Prof. Helena Desivilya Syna
  5. The Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations, headed by Julia Bershadsky Lebovich
  6. The Jane Goodall Institute, headed by Prof. Yoni Mizrachi and Dr. Itai Roffman

The scope and innovation of YVC research activity is presented annually at YVC’s Research and Teaching Fair, held on campus and open to students and visitors alike.

Research Chairs

YVC has set its academic standards high, believing that students in the periphery deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality of education, on par with the country’s leading universities. Supporting research opportunities will enable YVC to maintain its critical academic edge.

Geographical distances are becoming less significant in today’s interconnected world, yet still, top-tier academic institutions located far away from the country’s metropolises are few and far between. YVC strives to overcome this gap, and has set itself the goal of becoming a competitive center for advanced scientific research in Israel’s north. To accomplish our aims, YVC works to attract top ranking academics to settle in the Galilee and provide local students with the education and facilities necessary to embrace research as a vocation. We bring colleagues from around the world to YVC to study and collaborate, and, as a correlate, often generate new employment opportunities for the region.

We are offering the opportunity to invest in the future of the region, by supporting or sponsoring a research chair at YVC. Responsible for supporting applied research activities, community activities related to research, organization of scientific conferences, employment of research assistants, and more, each research chair is selected from among YVC’s premier faculty, based on the excellence of their achievements and accomplishments.